.com offers exclusively the most unique and highend zoanthids and palythoa frags. Whether you are looking for rare zoas or just colorful zoanthids, we offer hundreds of morphs to choose from.


Hard to find zoanthids are often more expensive and its usually not a simple task to find them. We have taken it upon ourselves to search for the best and most exotic polyps and offer these zoanthid coral for sale online.

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WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WYSIWYG Frags & Colonies hand-picked by our staff based on attributes like color vibrancy, rarity, and size.
WHY CHOOSE ZOANTHIDS PR﷯FESSIONAL We're a team of driven professionals who are committed to supplying you with the absolute highest quality aqua-cultured live coral.
Z﷯anthid Identificati﷯n Trying to put a polyp with a name? Check out our Zoanthid and Paly Identification Page and ID like a pro.
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919-BUY-ZOAS (919-289-9627)

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