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Chalices, Euphyllia, Mushrooms, Stylos, Encrusters, Favias, Zoanthids and More!



**APEX CONTROLLER** - (1 entry for each item purchased during the Fragtacular Sale, 1 extra entry if you purchase your Shipping Module before the sale begins, 1 extra entry for signing up for the Zoanthids.com Newsletter - form at bottom of Zoanthids.com)


$250 Zoanthids.com Website Credit for the R2R ROLL CALL RAFFLE WINNER (https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/e...rds-fragtacular-sale-this-sunday-9-27.760415/)


$250 Zoanthids.com Website Credit for the FACEBOOK ROLL CALL RAFFLE WINNER (https://www.facebook.com/zoanthids/)


Multiple $50 and Free Shipping Gift Certificates - (To winners of the fun live games and contests that will be posted throughout the sale, so stay with us for the entire party!)






-Huge Discounts, Frags from 30% to 90% off

-Tons $5 Lightning Frags will be randomly posted



**Shipping Boxes Purchased before 2pm EST on Sunday, September 27th receive an extra entry into the APEX CONTROLLER Giveaway**

-Winner must have purchased item(s) from the Mega Meltdown Sale


To checkout, click on the image below and select your preferred delivery date:



-Items will be posted here in the Fragtacular Sale thread first, then will be available for purchase on the website at www.zoanthids.com. Just click on the “Buy Now” button on Reef2Reef or visit the website Fragtacular Sale section.


-Create an account at here Zoanthids.com before placing order (https://shop.zoanthids.com/account/register)


-Frags will be posted every minute or less on this thread with a link to our website. Items are sold to the first person to COMPLETE check-out. If you place multiple items in your shopping cart and not complete checkout in between, the items will most likely be sold once you are finished adding the items you want and checkout. All orders to the same address will be combined into one box covered by one shipping fee.


-Items are claimed on a first come, first serve basis. All purchases must be made through our website.


-Discounted Shipping is a flat fee of $35 for an unlimited amount of items. We ship via Fedex Priority Overnight. Please purchased your Shipping Module (Above) BEFORE the sale begins to reserve your delivery date, limited spots are available. Each person who purchases their shipping module before the sale begins will receive an extra entry into the APEX CONTROLLER GIVEAWAY. We only ship to the Continental US (No shipping to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska)


-Free Shipping is not offered for the Fragtacular Sale.


-For each $5 Lightning Frag won, winner must have 2 non-lightning frag item purchases.


-No order holding, you must choose your delivery date by purchasing the correlating delivery date shipping box (above)

Wed 9/30, Thur 10/1, Tues 10/6, Wed 10/7, Thur 10/8


-All Purchases are final. No returns and no exchanges. No additional discounts, coupons or gift card credits can be used on Fragtacular sale items.


-During the sale, Paypal Payments will not be able to be processed due to the increase time in check out. The website accepts all major credit cards and Amazon Pay. Before the sale beings you may use Paypal to purchase your Shipping Module. Paypal will be activated directly after the sale for the After Sale items.


-No PMs or Emails will be answered during the Fragtacular sale.


-Due to the amount of people purchasing frags, rarely, two people can place orders for the same frag at once. We will honor the order that comes through our website first. The other person will get the same frag if available or a refund.

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